Progress Obscuring Past

| May 26, 2010

These two images depict my mousepaths on May 18th (left) and May 19th & 20th (right). I was rushing out of the Lab and I guess my laptop didn’t shut down all the way before I closed it. I love the way the multiple-day tracking looks; and obviously I was doing much more mousing around on the 20th than I was on the 18th given that there are far fewer larger circles that symbolize either typing or away-from-computer time.

It’s interesting, however that the more I mouse around on a particularly track-heavy day, the more I obscure the path of the previous work. May 19th’s lunch is erased by May 20th’s busy-ness.

Incidentally, May 20th was a Photoshop-heavy day as I began to prepare for the launch-party for Pressible 1.0. On days with a lot of writing, I pause more frequently, while design days seem to have more frequent mouse movement.